How It Works 

We strive to make payroll as hands off as possible for you.  Our payroll system has been developed with accountants in mind.

01.  Transfer Your Informaiton

When you sign up with Payroll Hive, we will input your client’s information into our system, and then we will give you a secure web portal that is completely branded to you! This allows you and your clients to monitor payroll and retrieve reports at any time!

02. Receive Payroll Training

You will then receive special training on how to increase your income through payroll services. We have over 20 years of experience in payroll marketing and we want to share our techniques with you!

03. Hive Runs Your Payroll

When it’s time to process your client’s payroll checks, either you or your client will send in the pay period information, and the Hive will do the rest. When the payroll is finished, we will send your client a summary on your behalf.

04. Collect Your Fees

With Payroll Hive, you have complete control over how much you want to charge your clients for payroll services. After each payroll is run, we will charge your clients at the rates that you have set. We will take out a small processing fee and the rest is yours!

Payroll Hive

The accountants white label payroll solution.