Why Use A Full-Service Payroll Provider

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Why Use A Full-Service Payroll Provider

With the growing complexity of tax laws, most accountants are using one of two options. Payroll software or payroll services. We believe that a full-service payroll solution is the best option and here is why.

With payroll software, you get the advantage of a cheaper upfront payroll but it usually comes with some issues.

  • Often times the software is designed for experienced payroll professionals. Payroll software can be very complicated and require excessive amounts of the users time to figure out.
  • You may need to hire staff to run your payroll services which can get expensive. This can sometimes be more expensive than just using a full-service payroll company.
  • Payroll software tends to nickel and dime its users. The upfront cost seems cheap but all the extra cost can add up.
  • You will be responsible for filing your quarterly and year-end reports.

With full-service payroll, the benefits will oftentimes outweigh the higher cost.

  • The accountant will have to do little to no work to offer payroll services to their clients. The full-service provider handles all of the tedious tasks.
  • You will not need to shop around looking at different payroll services. With a full-service provider, you will get everything you need to offer great payroll services to your clients.
  • Your quarterly and year-end reports will be automatically filed.
  • With a full-service payroll company, you will not have to waste your time on payroll entry.
  • Some providers will even handle any IRS issues that may arise in relation to payroll. Taking care of these IRS issues can waste large amounts of time. Having your payroll provider handle all the problems is a huge benefit.

We think Payroll Hive is the best solution for you. Contact us today for a demo of our full-service software.