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Why Payroll

Why Every Tax and Bookkeeping Accountant Should Offer Payroll Services

In America, accountants have seen a decline in business growth due to ever-changing tax laws and emerging technologies.

Today, we are more comfortable with and reliant on technology than ever before. This shift has caused many professionals to use tax and bookkeeping software, such as TurboTax and QuickBooks.

As the younger generation continues to use these programs, growth at accounting firms slows down—and it will only become worse in the coming years. As accountants, we need to find new ways to boost business growth.

The solution?

Offer services that are difficult to automate with software, specifically payroll. Yes, payroll software is available, but almost every program still requires work and expertise from the user.

With or without software, payroll services require a lot of time and labor—not to mention strict compliance and requirements from the IRS. That’s where Payroll Hive comes in.

Payroll Hive is a white label payroll service for accountants, meaning the company partners with accounting firms and runs payroll for them on their behalf. So, the accountant can offer payroll services to their clients, charge their own rates, and completely avoid the hassle of payroll work.

With Payroll Hive doing all the work, you’ll earn more money every year. After all, most accountants best use their time is by investing in services that bring in the most money. Unfortunately, without volume, payroll just isn’t one of those things. With Payroll Hive, you can get paid for the extra service and still have time for your most lucrative work.

Payroll Hive even creates a custom web portal for you with your firm’s name and logo. It’s a place where you and your clients can enter hours and view reports—with all the credit going to your company.

And signing up is easy. Payroll Hive gives you an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that ensures they have all the correct information. Then they work exclusively with each of your clients to make sure everything is set up correctly.

The best way to see if it works? Try it yourself. Payroll Hive will give you the tools your company needs to make more money without more work.