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Coronavirus Tax Relief

Coronavirus Money

How to get immediate tax relief due to the coronavirus COVID-19 Tax Filing and Payment Deadline Extension The usual filing and payment deadline of April 15th has been postponed to July 15th for 2020. “All taxpayers and businesses will have this additional time to file and make payments without interest or penalties. “ – Treasury […]

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Why Use A Full-Service Payroll Provider

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Why Use A Full-Service Payroll Provider With the growing complexity of tax laws, most accountants are using one of two options. Payroll software or payroll services. We believe that a full-service payroll solution is the best option and here is why. With payroll software, you get the advantage of a cheaper upfront payroll but it […]

Business Growth

Why Payroll

Why Every Tax and Bookkeeping Accountant Should Offer Payroll Services In America, accountants have seen a decline in business growth due to ever-changing tax laws and emerging technologies. Today, we are more comfortable with and reliant on technology than ever before. This shift has caused many professionals to use tax and bookkeeping software, such as […]

Payroll Guide

Payroll Hive

Almost every company in America needs to run payroll so why are more accountants not offering these services? Our Free guide HOW TO MAKE MONEY OFFERING PAYROLL SERVICES answers this question and walks you through how you can change this trend. Our guide will show you how you can begin offering payroll services to your clients and […]